Meet our crypto-veterans team:

Entangle (Dev Team)

  • 20+ team with extensive development experience full-stack..

  • Innovators in omnichain solutions, shaping the future of crypto.

  • Specialists in EVM and Rust, crucial for BorpaToken's progress.

  • Pioneering CDT concept, enhancing blockchain liquidity utilization.

  • Integral to BorpaToken, offering unmatched expertise and innovation.

Psychonaut (Founder)

  • 7 years of meticulous degeneracy in the crypto market.

  • Founded french crypto-focused community in 2017 with 2k+ members.

  • Founded second community in 2019 (400+ crypto-natives / evolved into a 2M$ AUM DAO)

  • Very early DeFi Summer participant, kain.eth simp

  • Expert in market psychology, addicted to how tokenomics can shape behaviors.

Thomas Auvin (Lead Artist)

  • 20years experience multifaceted illustrator and graphic designer.

  • Versatile skill set: excels in illustrations, motion design, and animation and music.

  • Cultivated arts and communication roles across diverse cultures.

  • Proficient in a wide range of creative software, basically all of them.

  • Manager and psychotherapist of the infamous DJ Borp.

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