Tax Fee

Remember the buzz around SafeMoon or AIDoge? That hype was largely driven by a unique concept crypto users truly love: tax fees. While tax fees are a solid concept, many projects misuse them, funneling a part of the transfer fees into dev wallets. In BorpaToken's case, we use the tax fee entirely for supply burn. No allocations for 'communication', 'marketing', 'team', no bullshit; the entire tax fee goes straight to burning the supply.

In our case, we apply a 1% tax fee on each BORPA transfer. But why is that a good idea, you ask?

It's simple. Every time a BORPA transaction occurs within our ecosystem—whether it's a swap, deposit, stake, unstake, withdrawal, lock, claim, or slash—we burn 1% of the BORPA tokens involved. This not only shrinks the overall supply but also broadens Borpa's appeal. At BorpaToken, we're aiming to set the industry standard by becoming the first ultra-deflationary memetoken. This tax fee is designed to supercharge our other features, uniting both experienced and retail audiences around our astonishing burn metrics.

In conclusion, the 1% tax fee is a vital element in propelling the flywheel effect we seek. We also have a full suite of other deflationary mechanisms ready to roll out, making BorpaToken an unstoppable force in the memetoken landscape.

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