Farm Deposit Fee

Death Pools LP: 2% Deposit Fee

  • The BORPA part of the fee is forever burned.

  • The ETH part goes into the current chest.

Whitelisted LPs: 5% Deposit Fee

Now, you might think that's high, but let's break down where this fee goes:

  • 40% is sold for BORPA Buy Back and Burn.

  • 40% flows directly into the current Chest.

  • 20% is directed to the development wallet.

So you see, the deposit fee isn't just a number, it's a catalyst.

It boosts the BORPA price and increases farm pools APRs and Chest rewards. Successful projects like memefood tokens have used this mechanism with great results.

What initially appears as a cost, can really transform into a favorable momentum of visibility for BorpaToken. Simply put, the deposit fee benefits all participants in the Borpa ecosystem.

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