Supply Distribution

We're starting with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $BORPA. However, thanks to our numerous deflationist mechanisms, this number will significantly decrease over time. Let's look at how our initial supply is distributed:

  • Community: The largest portion of the supply, 46%, is set for liquidity mining through our financial game.

  • Private & Public Rounds: We've allocated 29% of the total supply for our private and public sale rounds.

  • Initial LP: 5% of the total supply is used to provide initial liquidity across the 5 chains we will launch on.

  • Airdrop: We've set aside 10% of our total supply for a community airdrop, split into two categories:

    • WebverseNFT Holders: Thanks to our partner EntangleFi, 6% will go to Entangle ecosystem. Tokens received are based on how long you've staked your Webverse NFTs or your $NGL tokens. 4% goes to Weaver and Agent NFTs while 2% goes to $NGL stakers, with 33% available at TGE and the rest over 3 weeks.

    • Borpa Community: The remaining 4% is earmarked for our community, with specific distribution details to come.

  • Team: 10% of the supply is reserved for the team that's making all of this possible. After the initial 112-day Liquidity Mining Program, these tokens will be gradually released over a period of 14 days. This mechanism guarantees a fair environment where the team cannot interfere with the memetoken supply distribution or act in any way that would disadvantage participants.

The 46% for liquidity mining incentives is spread across 5 chains BorpaToken will launch on. Diversifying your liquidity over various chains could be beneficial, so watch closely for chances to arbitrage the whitelisted pairs' APRs across the different networks.

For a visual breakdown, take a look at our supply distribution and supply evolution graphs below:

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