1. What is BorpaToken project and what makes it unique?

BorpaToken is a next-generation memetoken project that combines a strong community focus with innovative tokenomics. We capitalize on a hyper-deflationary structure and unique dual-themed borpa branding to appeal to both retail investors and seasoned crypto veterans.

We stand out as the first memetoken to pour extensive effort into every facet of our project, all while delivering what users crave the most: a vibrant community and a space for speculative play.

  1. What is the BORPA token and how is it used within the Borpa ecosystem?

BORPA sits the core asset of our ecosystem.

Those engaging deeply in our financial game get the supply, with a large part being burned to enhance its value. The BORPA token is central to spreading the Borpa meme worldwide.

  1. What is the Max Supply of BORPA?

The initial total max supply of BORPA is 1,000,000,000.

However, this number will dramatically decrease over time, thanks to our multiple burn mechanisms.

  1. When is BorpaToken Launch Date?

BorpaToken is set to launch Q2 2024.

  1. What is the launch price and where can I buy BORPA?

The public launch price of BORPA is set at $0.00562 ($5.6M FDV).

As for the purchasing platform, more details will be announced soon.

  1. Where can I find the chart for BORPA?

BORPA isn't live yet.

Once it launches, you'll be able to track its chart on platforms such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Dextool and Dexscreener.

  1. How does the Borpass Ritual (lottery-like mechanism) work?

It’s simple: the more BORPA you burn during an epoch, the better your chances to hit the jackpot and loot the chest.

  1. Why does BorpaToken have transfer, swap, and deposit fees? How do they benefit me as a user?

These fees were meticulously crafted by veteran degens, backed by extensive projections.

They serve multiple key functions - decreasing the BORPA supply, facilitating buybacks and burns, and bolstering chest rewards.

They also create a virtuous cycle propelling the BORPA price action and subsequently feeding into the project's virality and success.

  1. I can't find my position, what should I do?

We've designed our website with user navigation in mind to minimize such issues.

If you're still unable to locate your position, don’t worry. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in our support channel within our Discord community.

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