How Users Can Participate

Participating in the Borpass Fartune ritual follows a straightforward process:

  1. Burn BORPA: With various mechanisms and fees driving our Borpa memetoken, every community member has an opportunity to strike it rich with the Fartune. However, for those keen on boosting their odds, there are several ways to maximize your burn rate of BORPA tokens. You can engage in active BORPA trading, add liquidity in our farms, or aggresively slash xBORPA into BORPA.

  2. Chance Calculation: Your chance to loot the Borpass is easy to compute: It's simply the amount of BORPA you've burned (also called bBORPA) during an epoch divided by the total amount of BORPA burned during the same epoch. So, the more bBORPA you generate, the better your odds of winning big rewards.

  3. Luck Factor: While having more bBORPA gives you better odds, there's still an element of chance behind it, giving everyone a chance at getting lucky!

We’ll use Entangle e-VRF solution to introduce this element of randomness, ensuring a fair and transparent lottery system for all participants.

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