Lock, Redeem And Yield Booster


The "Lock" feature allows users to convert their BORPA tokens into xBORPA tokens.

xBORPA tokens offer multiple advantages, including the ability to amplify your farms rewards via the "Boost" module, they also improve your odds of winning the chest by slashing large quantities of xBORPA.


The “Redeem” function initiates the vesting period, gradually converting their locked xBORPA tokens back into liquid $BORPA tokens 28-day period.

The rate at which these xBORPA tokens can be redeemed for BORPA tokens is calculated based on the remainder of the 28-day unlock period. User will need to initiate a slash transaction to convert their locked tokens for liquid ones.


The “Boost” page gives users the ability to allocate their xBORPA tokens to a staked position, effectively increasing the yield on that position (up to 2.5x).

The induced yield boost multiplier is calculated for every position using the following formula:

  • userLP = specific user staked position

  • totalAllocation = total xBORPA allocated across all of the positions with the same staked LP

  • maxBoostMultiplier = 2.5

  • totalLP = total staked positions in the dApp

  • userAllocation = specific user xBORPA allocation for the position

The more xBORPA assigned to a pair, the lower the boost for each user's allocated amount becomes. Conversely, the less xBORPA there is allocated to a pair overall, the higher the APR becomes for each user's allocated amount.

NB: Deallocating xBORPA from its staked position is not subject to any condition, and can be done any time. The deallocation fee is 0.5%.

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