Borpass Threshold And Mechanics

We've engineered an innovative feature on top of our Borpa memetoken known as the 'Borpass Fartune', taking inspiration from the proven success of FOMO3D.

But how does this all work? It's pretty straightforward. Whenever you burn BORPA tokens, you raise your odds of winning the accumulated treasure hidden inside the butt of the Borpass sacred artifact. Whether you're swapping ETH for BORPA or vice versa, depositing BORPA/ETH liquidity into our farms, or slashing your xBORPA into liquid tokens, you're boosting your chances of hitting the jackpot. In simple terms, the more BORPA tokens you burn within a set period, the higher your likelihood of taking home the grand prize!

The excitement doesn't stop there. The treasure within the Borpass builds up to reach a certain threshold before it can be looted. The first Threshold (Threshold0) needs to hit a value of $30K. Following Chests take it a step further - their thresholds increase according to this formula:


Here is how the Borpass model works (more info on our fee model here):

We've modeled various factors of our Borpass mechanism in the table below. Our goal is to keep the spotlight on our project through relentless user engagement, ultimately building up to colossal 'Fartune' events filled with millions in prize money waiting to be won. As the stakes grow higher with each Fartune, so does the hype and attention towards our memetoken. So grab your flint rocks or your railguns and get ready to burn BORPA tokens!

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