At BorpaToken, our biggest focus is rather simple - bring the biggest value to our Borpa community.

For us, having a robust token price is not just a 'nice-to-have'; it's critical for our project's reputation and reach. With BORPA at the core of our ecosystem, an upward price trajectory encourages users to engage deeply—battling for supply, which then triggers more buybacks and token burns.

These processes establish a self-reinforcing cycle where the more user engagement directly translates into more BORPA tokens being burnt. We are firm believers in the 'efficient-market hypothesis,' which theorizes that if supply is burnt, market participants will arbitrage that market capitalization loss by purchasing more tokens thus driving the price higher. The end goal here is to become the first highly-deflationary, fairly distributed memetoken.

There will be four types of fees leading to deflation of the $BORPA token:

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