⚖️Fair Distribution

In the world of memetokens, the widespread use of a “stealth launch” design often leads to the token supply being concentrated in the hands of a select few, primarily insiders and the team itself. This has negative consequences for the overall project as it increases the risk of exit scams and makes potential community members hesitant to invest, thereby limiting the memetoken project's visibility and reach. At BorpaToken, we took a different approach.

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The majority of our supply (51%) is being distributed through a deflationist financial game on top of the most famous DEX AMM protocols most active blockchains by users and volume. This financial game will permit the most aggressive of our members to battle over the token distribution while still giving value to the ones that don’t want to play: the more user interaction on our game, the more of the supply gets burned. This is not only a solution to fairly distribute our supply but also one of the key elements with which we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. BorpaToken community members will have a multitude of possibilities to play the financial game, offering an ecosystem where your decisions shape your rewards and have a direct impact on your profits.

If you want to actively play the token distribution of our supply you will need to fully understand the differents aspects of our game theory that we will detail below:

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